Paper tape program part of a collection of paper tape programs used for input to CSIRAC.

This tape was originally stored in Box B102 of the CSIRAC Program Library, which consisted of tried and tested paper tape programs and sub-routines (sections of programs). The tape is now stored with the other paper tape programs originally stored in box B102. The tapes stored in box B102 were T300, T301 and T302.

This tape contains all the routines dealing with floating point numbers. Floating point numbers were used by Interprogram. These floating point routines were used in a lot ofr applications.

The collection includes the original University of Melbourne Computation Laboratory Paper Tape Library of tapes of subroutines and programs, and program and data tapes from staff and outside users.
Most of the paper tapes were 12-track punched paper tapes. 5 hole paper tapes were used primarily for data input and output rather than program input.
Each tape has a 'T' number. The Computation Laboratory Paper Tape Library consisted of tapes with a tape number less than 700. There were not 700 tapes but the number 700 was arbitrarily chosen to separate the Computation Laboratory Library tapes from user tapes. Tapes 800 to 899 belonged to John Spencer.

Details of this tape:
Roll of CSIRAC 12 hole paper tape.
Tape is titled "CSIRAC Library T301 B102 floating binary square root" sine cosine (two versions) log, base two exponential arc-tangent"
For more documentation on the contents of this tape see folder 11, inventory id HT13511.20
Further information may be found in the headers of either the .CVT or .TSP files.

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