The photographer Russell Beedles heard that the Williamstown car ferry was going to be closed down, so went to Port Melbourne and took the ferry across to Williamstown, to take photographs. The Williamstown Ferry crossing was replaced by the high-level West Gate Bridge, which opened in 1978, about one kilometre further upstream.

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Man on a bicycle with arms folded waiting at the Port Melbourne landing opposite the Newport Power Station, for the Williamstown Car Ferry to cross the Lower Yarra River, July 1968. This photograph shows a man standing on the ferry deck astride a stationary bicycle with his left foot resting on the kerb at the front edge of the ferry. To his left can be seen part of the chain that operated the ferry guiding it across the river and on his right the front quarter panel of a stationary motor car can be seen also waiting on the ferry to cross the river. The ferry was docked at the Port Melbourne bank of the river at the time the photograph was taken (hence the photographer's original caption). On the far bank of the river cars can be seen waiting for the ferry to arrive at the Williamstown landing for the return crosssing.

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