Colorimeter - Hellige, F & Co, circa 1914, Australian distributor H.B. Selby & Co. Ltd., Melbourne & Sydney. Used for testing blood and urine in the laboratory at Mont Park Mental Hospital, a psychiatric hospital in Victoria Australia

Physical Description

Emersion-type colorimeter, for analysing blood etc. by colour comparison. Flat, hollow-centred, square, cast-iron base with tall, steel plate up-right rising from back of it. Upright is stepped inward slightly, halfway up and has a shallow "roof" at the top. Above is a microscope-type viewing-piece mounted on a flat-sided cone shape. Colorimeter has an upright wooden box with door in front. It has brass hinges, keyhole (key missing) and carrying handle on top. The eye-piece has a leather covered, velvet-lined cap. There is a separate, black-painted, 3 sided tin guard to clamp in front of the cups and plungers. (Further description on Accession Sheet).


Example of diagnostic medical equipment used in psychiatric hospitals in Victoria Australia

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