Furnishing fabric samples, circa 1950s. Designed by John Rodriquez, an influential Australian textile designer from the 1950s to 1970s. Screen printed by hand.

John Rodriquez would put out about three or four colour combinations of each design. He supplied sample lengths to retailers, who took orders based on the samples. John would then screen print the fabric to order.

In the early days of his business in 1954, John Rodriquez used a 36 inch wide duck fabric. He continued using this type of fabric for about two years - he was able to buy small quantities and the supply was regular. Contemporary textile designs such as Frances Burke also used this fabric. However, the duck was too stiff to hang well, and the established market overseas was for 48 inch fabrics. Around 1956 he was able to find a supply of 48 inch cotton.

Physical Description

Fragment of chartreuse and mustard printed on white sailcloth/duck. It is folded mid-point, and a small off-cut is pinned to it, consisting of the same pattern but with pale green in place of mustard.


See Narrative 'John Rodriquez Textile Collection'.

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