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    Industrial and Technological Museum Collection

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    Biotite Muscovite Schist

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    The Industrial and Technological Museum Victorian rock catalogue (1894) (S2) describes this specimen as; ' 11.12. GNEISS, CORNUBIANITE. - Very fine-grained, laminated, soft rock, consisting principally of very fine-scaly greyish-white mica intermixed with little quarz and feldspathic matter; spotted with small patches and alternating with bands of fine-scaly black mica. - Granite boundary, Kingower.' The banded appareance of this specimen is probably due to chemical variation in the original sedimentary bedding, which has undergone mineralogical and textural changes and now looks both gneissic (it isn't) and very like a phyllite with a bit too much allignment of the micas.

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    Natural Sciences

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    Rocks and Ores

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