This specimen came to the museum from William Sheridan Wall in 1863. In a letter to then director, Professor McCoy he wrote "I have in my possesion a Bird of extreme rarity, the Nestor productus or Phillip Island Parrot. Which is a bird extinct for the last 20 yrs. I have been looking out for it very anxiously and I have at last obtained a specimen. I believe it to be the only one in New South Wales." Wall had previously offered it for sale to the Australian Museum however they could not afford the costly specimen. McCoy snapped it up for the princely sum of ten pounds, stating that "provided it be delivered by return mail in perfectly good condition, if in bad condition, the right is reserved of offering a lower price."

Museum Victoria Archives - National Museum of Victoria - Inwards Correspondence - 1854 - 1899 Walker, William to Ward, H.A
Museum Victoria Archives - National Museum of Victoria - Outward Letter Book, 2, September 1861- May 1865

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    Norfolk Is

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    Phillip Is

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