General Description

Body moderately long, head bluntly rounded, dorsal and anal fins tall, long based with long pointed rear lobes, pelvic fins long, caudal fin large, rounded. Dark blue to bluish-grey, densely covered in iridescent blue spots, dorsal, anal, caudal and pelvic fins with a pale blue margin. Usually 25 cm long head to tail tip (up to 33 cm).


The spectacular Southern Blue Devil inhabits coastal and offshore reefs and drop-offs, often sheltering in caves, crevices or under ledges during the day. Breeding pairs usually have a home range, and may allow divers to closely approach them. Adults have a unique pattern of markings on the lower part of the gill cover that allows individual fish to be identified and monitored.


Southern Australia.


Beneath ledges and in caves of coastal rocky reefs.

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