Denarius, issued by Ancient Roman Republic, 57 BC
Moneyer: C. SERVEIL C.F (C. Servilius)
Minted in Rome

Obverse Description

Head odf Flora wearibg a floral wreath facing right; behind, a lituus; in front, FLORAL PRIMVS

Reverse Description

Two soldiers standing facing each other holding shields and presenting swords; at right, C.F; in exergue, C. SERVEIL.

Edge Description



The moneyer is not known other from his coin issues and the reasons for the choice of obverse and reverse types is unclear. Flora was the Italian goddess of flowering or blossoming plants. She had a priesthood in Rome, the flamen Florianus. A temple was dedicated to her on 28 April 238 BC and from 173 BC games were held in her homour on that day. The coin type may refer to these events.

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