Italy Naples
Medal - Naples International Exhibition of Maritime Industry 1871 AD
Mint: not recorded
Awarded to: Mueller, Ferdinand von
Other Details: Naples International Exhibition of Maritime Industry medal, awarded to Ferdinand von Mueller in 1874. Mueller was the Victorian Government Botanist from 1852 until 1884, and the Director of the Botanical Gardens from 1857 to 1873. He was arguably Australia's most prominent 19th century scientist. The medal depicts King Emmanuel II, the first king (1861-1878) of united Italy and last king of Piedmont-Sardinia (1849-1861).

Physical Description

A silver prize medal (42 mm) diameter awarded to Baron Ferdinand von Mueller

Obverse Description

Head of King Victor Emmanuel II with long beard; around, VITTORIO EMANUELE II D'ITALIA *

Reverse Description

Around decorative images of the sea - including a lighthouse, shipwreck, anchor, fish etc, ESPOSIZIONE INTERNAZIONALE D'INDUSTRIE MARITIME IN NAPOLI 1871 , at centre A / VON MUELLER / BAR. F. in tiny letters, L. ARNAUD F.

Edge Description


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