Medal Retour de l'Empereur, 'Napoleon's Return From Elba', Issued by France, 1815
Artist: Bertrand Andrieu and Nicholas Guy Antoine Brenet
Minted by Paris Mint

Obverse Description

Napoleon standing left presenting himself to the people and the army represented by a soldier and a civilian who welcome him; in exergue, RETOUR DE L'EMPEROR / MARS MDCCCXV.; in small letters, DENON DIR. ANDRIEU.F

Reverse Description

Crowned eagle flying across the sea; in exergue, XXVI. FERVIER / MDCCCXV / BREN.F. DEN.D.

Edge Description



"Notwithstanding the lenity with which Napoleon had been treated by those allied sovereigns whose dominions he had invaded, and whose power he had vainly endeavoured to annihilate; yet no sooner had he arrived at Elba, than he conceived the design of infringing the treaty of Fontainbleau.

Owing to the want of requisite precaution, Napoleon effected his escape from the Isle of Elba, and with a few adherents made good his landing in France. The minds of the French people were already prepared for this event, and in his progress he was joined by great numbers of his partisans, and was every where received with the loudest demonstrations of joy.

At length he was seen descending, with the rapidity of lightning, from the heights of Paris, the King and royal family having not long left the capital; and Napoleon again assumed the imperial authority. " Laskey p. 233-234

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