General purpose triode designed for operation from dry batteries. This was among the first valves with an oxide coated filament. It was originally designed for use in the Aeriola Senior one valve receiver also made by Westinghouse. 1.1 volt directly heated cathode.

Later versions of this valve had a shorter bulb and the valve socket of the Aeriola Senior radios was moved closer to the front panel to accommodate this. The long bulb versions such as this could not be used in the later sets because they were broken when the lid was closed.

Physical Description

Tubular glass bulb with a 4 pin base only ever used on this valve; it is in the same cruciform pattern as the European 4 pin base but the pins are solid and the anode pin has a larger diameter than the others. The base has a brass shell and the pins are mounted on a composition disk. The bulb has been sectioned to reveal the small diameter cylindrical structure and short tape filament.

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