Ferrocart vibrator used for car radios designed to run from 12 Volt DC supply. Ferrocart is a brand used by Electronic Industries.

Vibrators are used to change DC into AC which is then be stepped up by a transformer to the voltage required by the radio. The AC output is then turned back to DC to operate the radio, which is done either by a thermionic rectifier or a second set of contacts in the vibrator. A vibrator with two sets of contacts is called a synchronous type. The 4085-027-01 is a non-synchronous type requiring the use of a separate rectifier.

Synchronous vibrators tend to be quite noisy electrically and require more filtering. Both types were somewhat noisy mechanically; they hum.

Physical Description

Aluminium cylinder with four pin base in a six pin format with pins 2 and 5 missing.

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