This model also known as the 'Radiola Straight Six'. This was a battery powered TRF (tuned radio frequency) receiver, using triode valves in all stages. The valves used were English Marconi Osram types DEL 410 (RF amplifiers and detector) and DEP 401 (audio stages). Single knob tuning was achieved by using phosphor bronze belts connecting the three tuning capacitors together. The very deep cabinet relative to the chassis was designed to accommodate the high voltage ('B') batteries. The 4 volt accumulator to operate the filaments would probably have been placed on the floor under the table that the radio sat on. A separate loudspeaker would have been needed to hear the radio. With loudspeaker, this radio was advertised for £35.
AWA stopped making superheterodyne receivers for the domestic market in1928 and did not resume their manufacture until 1933.

Physical Description

Rectangular wooden cabinet with a hinged lid. Tuning knob and peep-hole dial on the front panel with the volume control to its left and power switch to its right. The volume control rheostat appears to have become detached from its mountings.

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