Graf & Stift (Sechs-zylinder Reise) SR3 model of 1923, with a 7,745 cc, six-cylinder, 75 H.P. engine. The chassis & engine no. is 2548. Imported without a body from Vienna, Austria, by the Australian Motor Co. for Melbourne businessman Mr James Loveridge in September 1923 at a cost of about 5,000 pounds.

In 1927 the Loveridges built a large house at Anglesea which they named 'Anglecrest' and the car was kept in a garage at this property The vehicle was fitted with an open touring body but a closed saloon body was subsequently constructed and fitted in about 1934 by motor bodybuilders Martin & King of High Street Malvern. The Loveridges employed a chauffeur, Mr W.J. Allan to drive the vehicle. Following the death of her husband in 1935, Mrs Bertha Loveridge kept the Graf & Stift at 'Anglecrest' but it was not driven after May 1936 when it was taken to Mt Gambier. Mrs Loveridge donated the car to the Museum in June 1938. 'Anglecrest' was donated to the Church of England in 1938 and then sold in 1944 but was destroyed in the 1983 Ash Wednesday bushfires. 'Loveridge's Lookout' at Anglesea still exists today. It was built with funds donated by Mrs Loveridge in memory of her husband.

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