220 Volt, 50 Watt, straight tungsten filament, electric lamp. Made by Siemens Brothers Dynamo Works Ltd, in Dalston, London, England from 1910.

The Wotan lamps were developed by Siemens & Halske of Germany in 1910. The name is a contraction of the alloy of the metals, Wolfram (or Tungsten) and Tantalum, from which the filament was made. The Siemens Wotan lamps were the first lamps made with a tungsten filament that was produced by drawing a wire out of a die, instead of squirting material through a die to make a thread. The Wotan lamps were available in Australia by 1912.

Physical Description

203 mm (8 inch) circumference glass globe. Straight tungsten filament, zig-zagged circumferentially between 10 wire supports in a 'squirrel cage' arrangement. Exhausted at top of globe. Brass bayonet cap. Double pin contact.

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