Illustrated fieldnotes written by Charles Mash Maplestone, son of Charles Maplestone, the well-known architect of most of Victoria's nineteenth century lighthouses was born in Beccles in the UK in 1838.

C.M Maplestone is well connected to Museum Victoria's past and to the Natural Science collections. He worked closely with Paul Howard McGillivray and others on the Bryozoans which are illustrated in the Prodromus of the Zoology of Victoria. He was also a member of the microscopic society with William Mountier Bale. Maplestone donated various specimens to the Museum over the years; identified and published a number of new species of Bryozoans, at least one of which seems to be first illustrated, observed and documented in this journal.

Maplestone was a postmaster by profession and these field notes cover Maplestone's observations in the field across Victoria as he moved from post to post. It covers the period January 1874 when he was stationed in Maryborough through to the 19th of December 1880 in Portland. It includes illustrations of plants, insects and fish and many observations of new species at the time. It also provides and insight into the naturalist network in Victoria at the time as he mentions often the advice he is seeking from various people around the state.

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