Alternative Name(s): Button

Badge belonging to a large collection of protest badges compiled by Nic Maclellan, Previously involved in student activism, his work entails research into human rights issues in the Pacific region. The bulk of his collection consisted of anti-nuclear badges. It is likely this badge related to the anti-US base campaigns run by the People for Nuclear Disarmament (PND). In October 1983 about 5,000 people rallied at the Watsonia army barracks, which was the site of a satellite communications dish, operated by the Australian military's Defence Signals Directorate, that transmitted submarine target location information to the US Navy. Then the following October the PND held a two week Peace Camp, which included a number of rallies and theme days.

Physical Description

Circular button of plastic on tin plate with metal clasp welded to reverse. White centre with black tree shape surrounding red dot. Red border and transverse band. Black text.

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