This programme was produced to guide actors and extras during the filming of the 1930 Melbourne Cup sequence of the Australian motion picture `Phar Lap'.

The donor and her daughter attended the filming at Flemington on November 13th, 1982. They were asked to dress in costume from the period, and form part of the crowd watching Phar Lap win the race. Extras were allowed to keep these programmes as a souvenir of the day.

Physical Description

This souvenir program consists of four A-5 pages.On the front page is features a reproduction of the cover of the original programme for the 1930 Melbourne Cup, underneath which is a picture and the name of Phar Lap.The second page features a reproduction of the programme page for the 1930 Cup field.The third page features the schedule for the 1982 re-creation and some information about the filming. On the last page is a map of the Flemington Racecourse, underneath which is some information on events and a competition and the names and logos of sponsors, "Pan Am"and "V".

More Information