Haemoglobinometer - Hellige, circa 1940. Made: Hellige Distributed by Ramsay, W. Pty Ltd., 340 Swanston Street, Melbourne.
Used in the surgery of a psychiatric hospital in Victoria Australia. Tested the colour of the haemoglobin to determine blood haemoglobin levels - low haemoglobin levels are a sign of anaemia

Physical Description

Sahli-type haemoglobinometer for measuring haemoglobin content of blood. Consists of a square glass measuring tube (with yellow scale - sahli units - and red scale - percentage values, printed on opposite sides), pipette (fine glass tube with 1 tapered, closed end and 1 originally attached to short rubber tube ending in fine bakelite nozzle); 1 short, sharp, hollow-ended stain steel needle, 1 fine glass rod, 1 small square glass bottle with black bakelite lid and 1 colour standard which is an upright oblong, black bakelite box (9.5x4cm)on slightly wider base, through top of which measuring tube can be placed.In front a window showing side of measuring tube down the middle. Contained in a maroon papercovered plywood box.


Example of medical diagnostic equipment used in psychiatric hospitals in Victoria Australia

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