Chisel rack or tool rack, made by Sophus Bruhn, circa 1970-75 to hold chisels and tools in his woodturning workshop. The rack sat at the rear of the lathe bench and was used to hold many chisels and other lathe tools.

The woodturning business of Adolph Bruhn & Son operated in South Melbourne, 1970-1990, and previously in Little Collins Street, Melbourne, circa 1897-1970. The business made a wide range of wooden products, including tables and architectural mouldings, and undertook specialist turning tasks. Part of a collection of nearly 900 items, including a lathe, cutting tools, hand tools, products, workshop fittings, office equipment, portraits, and an accounts ledger.

Physical Description

.1 Chisel Rack: Flat rectangular wooden plank with smaller wooden plank attached along width at 90 degrees. Smaller wooden plank attached parallel with four smaller wooden blocks separating the two planks and sixteen nails inserted to front of smallest plank. .2 Rack Support Rectangular light wood piece of board. .3 Rack Support Rectangular light wood piece of board with inward arc cut out of one corner.

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