Possibly used for syringing the ears. Used at Mont Park Hospital, Bundoora, Victoria, Australia, circa 1920.

Physical Description

Large glass syringe that holds 50ccm. It has a flat, stain steel top with a long fine nozzle. The lower end has a chrome-plated brass rim and a stain steel top with slits each side to slide onto 2 pins on the rim. It has a slit halfway across the bottom that fits a notched section at the end of the plunger allowing the top to be removed separately. The plunger is a steel rod with a thick cork of chrome-plated brass. It ends in a shaped fingerhold with concave top. The syringe has a stand of sheet stain steel cut and bent to form clamps. It also holds a narrow metal tube with 2 claws on each end. There are 3 other clamps that may have had similar pieces.

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