Dental x-ray machine, model SF 1, made by Watson Victor Limited Associated with W. Watson & Sons Ltd., circa 1950.

Used for taking dental x-rays at Aradale Mental Hospital, a mental health hospital in Ararat, Victoria, 1950s-1970s.

Physical Description

X-ray apparatus is in a metal square sloping side box. Technique chart, attached to a lift-up lid. Handle has two hooks each side for electric cords. Front of sloping panel has a meter scale 50-250. Beneath are the Input control, and Intensity control dials, scale 1-12 painted on them. In the centre of the dials is a trademark. Below is a main switch, three electric cords attached to the inside of the box; one cord has a press button timer attached. A round chrome tin-shaped, adjustable film ? cannister appears to be used for exposure of light, not complete. Dental X-ray machine has tall, upright, chrome-plated, steel pole, supporting horizontal shaft on end of which is black plated, barrel-shaped X-ray machine (40xm long) which has small cone-shaped protrusion (on screwed-on plate), on one side. Machine has 3 - pronged electrical plug set in one end, and band of silver metal stripes round centre. Machine suspended on U-shaped bracket, attached at each end of barrel, allowing it to spin. Has short pipe with stirrup-shaped handle on side, fits end of horizontal shaft and can be rotated. Horizontals joined to pole by black-plated, triangular bracket which has wind- ing handle that lowers or raises whole horizontal up and down grooved track screwed all the way down side of pipe.


Example of dentistry imaging equipment used in a mental health hospital in Victoria Australia

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