Hand-operated mangle used to wring water from wet laundry at a mental health hospital in Victoria, Australia, circa 1880. Manufactured by Nicoll, G.H. & Co., 1820.

Physical Description

Mangle has tall, cast-iron frame with 3 large wooden rollers. Sides of frame are shaped like narrow, pointed arches, holding alternating wood and metal blocks which support rods through rollers. Middle roller has large cog-wheel attached to right end of rod. This connects to larger turning wheel with long horizontal wooden handle (and 3 curved spokes). Pressure on rollers maintained by massive, arched spring across top of frame, ends fitting into arches at side above rollers and which is pushed down by a large vertical screw (with turning wheel on top) which threads down through top crossbar to push down on highest part of spring. Frame is bolted to stand with bowed front legs and with angularly curved, diagonal cross-bars. Once painted green, now flaking.

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