Model of Lippincott House, Glenard Drive, Eaglemont, Victoria, built 1917. Model of a Prairie School style, two-storey house designed by Roy Alstan Lippincott in collaboration with Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahony Griffin.

Roy Alstan Lippincott came to Australia in 1914 with Walter Burley Griffin, Marion Mahony Griffin and Lippincott's wife (and Walter Burley Griffin's sister) Genevieve. Lippincott, who graduated from Cornell University in 1909, first collaborated with the Griffins whilst working for the architect Herman Von Holst in Chicago. Lippincott, who had assisted Griffin with his designs for Canberra, moved to Australia as his head draftsman.

Roy and Genevieve Lippincott built their house on the Glenard Estate in 1917. Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahony Griffin later bought the neighbouring block and built their own house, Pholiota, there.
The Lippincotts only lived in the house for four years. In 1920 Lippincott and Edward Bilson won the competition for the design of the Auckland University College Arts building; they moved to New Zealand in 1921 to undertake the project.

The model was made by John Grace (of Synman, Justin and Bialek) in 1989. It was created for the exhibition 'Home Sweet Home:Changes in Victorian Domestic Architecture 1839-1989'.

Physical Description

On a flat base, model shows a two-storey house built on a rectangular plan, with a pitched roof and battered base brick walls. Windows and stucco panels are lightweight infills between heavy brick piers.

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