Extracts of The Australian Sketcher, no.99, vol. VIII, Adelaide edition, Saturday 19 June 1880, pp. 114-16, 125-28, published by G.N. & W.H. Birks, Adelaide.

Page 116 depicts two black & white wood block illustrations: the top image shows the fountain at the southern entrance to the Melbourne Exhibition Buildings; the lower image is captioned 'Sketches in Parliament'. The fountain was designed by Josef Hochgurtel in 1880.

Cologne-born artist Josef Hochgurtel was awarded the commission to design a fountain to grace the southern entrance of the Exhibition Building. Although the fountain remains the only known example of Hochgurtel's work in Australia, Melburnians were familiar with his name as he had constructed a model the Exhibition Building that was displayed in the window of Messrs. Nicholson and Ascherberg in May 1880, a little over four months before the Exhibition opened. The model, 'which is on a large scale and faithful details', demonstrated Hochgurtel's skill and although he had only recently arrived in Australia, it was reported that he intended to settle 'should sufficient inducement be offered'. In the construction of the fountain, Hochgurtel was assisted by August Saupe, himself a recognised artist who had been engaged in similar work in Berlin, Dresden and Copenhagen.

Physical Description

The cover page is included with its elaborate masthead of decorative text and illustrations of drawing implements. At the base are three figures, half-human, half-fish supporting the second tier of the fountain on their hands. Young boys in various poses nestle among their tails. The fountain has three tiers and features marine animals and children. It is depicted with water flowing. Page 127 contains an article describing the fountain in detail. Page 125 consists of two black & white wood block illustrations, the upper one depicting the cliffs near Sydney, the lower on depicting the construction of William Clarke's cutter yacht, 'Janet'.

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