Mica sample, mined in the 1940s by Gigetto Vendramini, in the Harts Range, 150kms north of Alice Springs, Central Australia. Gigetto was the son of Innocente Vendramini, he was born on 24 October 1916 in Caerano San Marco, Treviso, Veneto. In 1935 he joined his father in Australia, arriving on board the Romolo on 22 September. Soon after disembarking in Melbourne he travelled to Alice Spring to work with his father Innocente who was mining mica in the Harts Ranges. At the outbreak of World War II in 1940 Gigetto was interned, however he was soon released. He continued to mine mica until 1949. His mother, 4 sisters, a brother and a niece joined his father Innocente in Melbourne in 1936. Mica was an insulator used in electric motors.

Physical Description

Thin square shaped sample of mica. The sample is clear with purple crystals throughout the sample in straight lines.

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