Ceramic apothecary jars used in the pharmacy of a mental health hospital in Victoria, Australi,a circa 1900. They contain the following: 464.1: no label; 464.2 Asafoetida Gum used as a carminative in the treatment of flatulence and as an expectorant in bronchitis; 464.3 Blaud (Ferrous carbonate) pills, for iron-deficiency anaemia; 464.4 Colocynth and Hyoscyamus pills, and irritant purgative; 464.4 Tannic acid, for treatment of burns; 464.6 Bismuth troches, for treatment of syphilis and yaws; 464.7 Morphine and Ipecaeuanha troches, used in treatment of incipient colds.

Physical Description

Apothecary jars are made from china and cylindrical in shape with a round base. They have a blue body, white base, white and blue lid with gold and red label printed in black.

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