Brochure of 16 pages advertising child endowment and other assurance plans offered by the Australian Mutual Provident Society in 1942. It includes premium rates and tables. The term 'assurance' indicates that the policy is for an event which will certainly happen, as opposed to an event that might happen such as an early death (which is covered by insurance). The policy will be paid out when the concluding event, such as death or adulthood, occurs.

Donated to Museum Victoria with a collection of material reflecting the economic life of the donor's parents, who lived in suburban East Malvern, in south-east Melbourne.

Physical Description

Sixteen page brochure printed in blue ink on off-white paper, with five images of family life on the cover. Includes a glue tipped insert on page seven, headed 'Endowment - Table D.', which is dated at the bottom right, May 1942.

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