Copy of a medal of Alfonso, Duke of Calabria (later King Alfonso II of Naples). The original medal was by Andrea Guacialoti cast in Naples in 1481 with the reverse commemorating the Triumph of Otranto. This two piece electrotype copy was made circa 1881 by Robert Ready. This two piece electrotype copy was made circa 1881 at British Museum by Robert Ready from a bronze cast held by that museum (Ref. BM Corpus 745d Reg. M.39).

Obverse Description

Bust of Alfonso, facing three quarters left, with long hair, wearing conical cap with edge turned up all round and small plume at side, and plate-armour over gorget of mail; incised near the forward edge of the left shoulder plate, an armourer's mark crowned; around, ALFONSVS . FERDI . DVX . CALABRIE

Reverse Description

Triumphal entry of Alfonso into Otranto. He is seen at the right, seated on a high car, drawn by two horses to the front, holds lance in left hand, gesticulates with right hand. Preceeding him, and moving to left, procession of horseman and foot-soldiers, varrying horseman's hammers and banners, and trumpeters, driving before them Turkish prisoners, with hands bound behind their backs, through a fortified gate. Within the walls are buildings in flames; outside the walls at left, a lion's head fountain, and fore-part of a wolf rising out of the water. In the background, tall hills capped with buildings; around above (incuse), NEAPOLIS . VICTRIX; below on plaque held by winged puti, OB ITALIAM ACTI / DEM RESTITVTAM / MCCCCLXXXI, below, BVS. AND. G. PRAENS

Edge Description


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