A personal computer system, consisting of a desktop computer with 3.5" floppy disk drive, colour monitor and alphanumeric keyboard. The Personal System/2 (PS/2) Model 30-286 was made by Intermational Business Machines, circa 1990.

The IBM PS/2 Model 30 computer was first released in 1987 with 8086 Intel CPU's. Later release models have the Intel 286 CPU.

IBM set the standard for personal computing with its IBM PC series - the IBM PC, the IBM PC XT, the IBM PC AT and the PS/2 line. Each model represented major changes in processing, memory control and capacity, disk drives, operating systems and graphics. The IBM PC was announced in April 1981. By the end of 1983, the IBM PC had become the de facto standard for personal computing with a million machines approximately having been sold worldwide. Many manufacturers made low priced copies (clones) of the various models; a whole industry was created apeing IBM machines, peripherals and software. The computer had become an ordinary commodity.

Physical Description

1. Box: Rectangular cream-coloured metal box. Front has an off-centre mounted 3.5" floppy drive, ON/OFF switch at right side, serial number sticker at lower right edge, manufacturer's badge on upper left side. Left side panel has ventilation holes. Keys (set of two) located in right side panel. Rear of machine has dark brown plastic cover with manufacturer's label, power cable connector (male, 3 pin), internal fan, dongle with DA-15 connector attached to one of two DB-25 ports, DA-15 port, two PS/2 6-pin female ports (for keyboard and mouse), opening for a card (missing cover or card). 2. Monitor: A cathode ray tube (CRT) colour screen framed by grey plastic case inside a cream-coloured plastic exterior casing. Screen casing can rotate through 90 degrees, side-to-side, and tilt up and down, on its square plastic base. Brightness and contrast adjustment thumbwheels on left side panel; red on/off switch on right side panel. Ventilation holes on top and underside of monitor. Black cable with RS232 DA-15 connector for connection to port on computer. Manufacturer's badge on front panel; serial number sticker. Rear panel has a printed manufacturer's label. 3. Keyboard: Cream-coloured plastic casing with light grey keys with black text and numbers. Detachable light brown coiled cable with PS/2 6 pin connector for computer port. Manufacturer's badge on the front and a manufacturer's label on the underside. 4. Keys, connection adapter and cable

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    Donation from Unknown, by 10/07/1996

  • Manufacturer

    International Business Machines (IBM), circa 1990

  • Inscriptions

    1. Box: Manufacturer's label, rear: 'PS/2 Type:8530 / Manufactured by / IBM Australia Ltd. Wangaratta / from domestic and foreign components / [Further text] / 200-240 V~ / 1.3A 50/60Hz' 2. Monitor: Badge sticker, front: 'IBM / Personal System/2 / Color Display' 3. Keyboard: Front: 'IBM'

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  • Overall Dimensions

    405 mm (Width), 405 mm (Depth), 102 mm (Height)
    Box (CPU, memory, drives)

  • Overall Dimensions

    314 mm (Width), 360 mm (Depth), 320 mm (Height)
    Monitor. Above dimensions exclude the cable protruding from rear. Screen size is 230 mm width by 170 mm height.

  • Overall Dimensions

    487 mm (Width), 209 mm (Depth), 44 mm (Height)
    Keyboard. Above dimensions exclude cable protruding from rear of keyboard.

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    Computer Systems, Computers