This painting of mimih is bordered with a section of coiling of dyed (yellow and purple) and undyed pandanus. A hook has been added at the top. This style of bark painting with its border was an innovation in the early 2000s with husbands and wives collaborating to create the work.

Margaret lives at Mamadawerre and practices basket making taught by her mother. Her work has been exhibited at Counihan Gallery, Brunswick, in 2003 and included in the exhibition 'Woven Form: Contemporary Basket Making in Australia' at Object Gallery in Sydney, 2005.

Physical Description

A sheet of stringybark (Eucalyptus tetrodonta) painted with natural pigments. It is framed with six coils of dyed (yellow and purple) and undyed pandanus and has a coiled hook at the top. The image depicted is a mimih figure.

Local Name

kunmadj dolobbo kunngobarn

More Information