This bucket basket by Deborah Nabarlambarl has been coiled with horizontal bands of undyed and dyed pandanus. In Gunbalanya bucket baskets are made to relfect the shape of an introduced metal or plastic pail or bucket, the handle on this basket is also an influence from missionary times. The dyed colours used in this basket come from a wet season palette and the intensity of the colours is determined by the amount of dyestuff and the amount of raw material placed in the dye bath. As all materials used to produce colours are derived from natural sources, seasonal variation of plant growth affects the availability of dyes.

Deborah Nabarlambarl comes from a family of artists and is known for making bucket baskets which are often coiled.

Physical Description

Bucket basket, coiled, with horizontal bands of undyed and dyed (pink, orange, yellow) pandanus. The coiled and plaited pandanus handle is attached in the middle of the bag on opposite sides.

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