Descriptive booklet issued by the Aberdeen & Commonwealth Line for passengers travelling on the SS Jervis Bay during a voyage from Australia to Britain in May-June 1938. It was kept as a souvenir by Daisy Poole who was 12 years old at the time of her voyage to the UK from Australia.

The booklet describes the services available on board as well as details of the ship's routine and information on points of interest enroute. The cover illustration is by the artist John Allcot (1888-1973), a noted maritime painter.

Physical Description

Illustrated ten page limited colour booklet. Cover illustration shows one of the Bay ships with the Aberdeen & Commonwealth Line's green and white colours.


Daisy Poole's souvenir descriptive booklet has dual significance as a personal record of the migration experience of one family and as a rare surviving relic of the SS Jervis Bay, the most famous of the five 'Bay' ships built for the Commonwealth Shipping Line.

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