Supply list with descriptions of products, codes and sizes. Items include turpentine, cement and floor polish. Affixed to masonite notice board hung in Administration Offices at Newmarket Saleyards.

Maintenance of the Newmarket yards was carried out by the Melbourne City Council. It mainly involved replacing rotten or broken timber fence rails and posts; repair of fittings on gates and rails; re-laying bluestone pitchers; and cleaning and maintenance of the administration buildings.The yard rails were made of hardwood, some of the older posts were jarrah but most were red gum. Sometimes damage to the yard would be caused by animals pushing against fences or becoming stuck between fence rails. Emergency maintenance and repairs had to be made during the sales, with the work being done quickly around the stock.

Physical Description

Rectangular piece of brown cardboard. Card has lines ruled in red ink. Text is written in blue ink.

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