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A woman with two girls and carrying a third infant girl, standing on the curb in front of a car. This photograph shows Sybil Spall and her three children, Kate, Margaret and Susie, visiting family friends in Glen Iris, 1961. Sybil and her children are standing by their car, a brown Ford Prefect. Her daughter Margaret remembers: 'Sybil had learned to drive trucks and motorbikes as a radar mechanic during World War II, but translating this into driving on suburban roads after the War was very difficult. Driving made her very nervous. Once when driving in Mitcham, Kate fell out of the car, and Sybil was so nervous that she didn't notice. A passing motorist had to grab her attention.' The clothes the children were wearing were based on the Enid Gilchrist book of children's patterns. 'You would draw up the pattern from a diagram and then make the clothes. Sybil still has the pattern book.'

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