This chain link was excavated at Casselden Place in 2003. It is probably made of vulcanite and would have been part of jewellery. Vulcanite is an early form of plastic that was manufactured by exposing rubber to high heat and adding sulphur.

Jewellery and ornamentation.
Poverty did not prevent Little Lon's inhabitants - women and men alike - from following the fashions of the day. An abundance of black jewellery reflects a trend that began with Queen Victoria's mourning for her husband, Albert. Brooches, pendants, earrings, shirt studs, and what appear to be tie pins and cuff links unearthed in Little Lon are the same as those in contemporary illustrations. Most of these objects originated from Europe. They may have come to Australia in the immigrants' luggage, been purchased locally or arrived in precious parcels ordered from mail order catalogues.

Physical Description

This chain link has a flat oval shape, with a hole at either end.

Physical Description


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