Alternative Name(s): Knucklebone

This astragalus bone was excavated at the Commonwealth Block site between 1988 and 2003. It has been cleaned to be used in the game knuckle bones.

'When I was a child, we played in the street with hoops; we played hopscotch, and chasey, and cowboys and Indians, running right round the blocks and that. We even played marbles too.' (Marie Hayes, born and raised in Little Lon 1920-1940)

To the children who lived there, Little Lon was home. The streets and lanes were their playground - for tossing knucklebones, flicking marbles or chasing over the cobblestones. Their chants and laughter were part of the sounds of Little Lon.

Physical Description

This is a astragalus or knuckle bone from the hind quarter of a sheep or goat.

Physical Description

Bone - sheep knucklebone

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