Slide showing the weaving workshop in Liepaja, Latvia where Anna Apinis originally completed her weaving studies in 1933.

Anna was born in 1913 in Latvia. She attended weaving lessons in Liepaja in Latvia from 1930 to 1933 and spent hours at the nearby Liepaja Ethnographic Museum, recording traditional fabric designs in her notebooks. She had a loom constructed for her by fellow survivors of World War II in a displaced persons camp in Germany.

In 1950 Anna migrated to Australia with her father Ernest, husband Ervins and son Erik. She became one of the few suppliers of fabric for Latvian national costumes in Australia in the 1950s and 1960s, and exhibited her weaving nationally, at exhibitions and Latvian cultural festivals. She fulfilled her dream to keep her cultural traditions alive through her daughter who continues to weave on Anna's loom to this day.

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Slide showing a weaving Workshop in Liepaja, Latvia, circa 1985. This is the same workshop where Anna Apinis initally undertook training in weaving in 1933.

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Colour Slide.

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