Programme promoting the 'Working Papers On Photography' (WOPOP) Australian Photography Conference, held at Prahran College of Advanced Education in Melbourne, from 19-21 September, circa 1980. It includes an insert for conference registration.

This conference was organised by Euan McGillivray, the Curator of Photography at the Science Museum of Victoria, and Matthew Nickson, who worked at the Photography Department at RMIT. Together they edited a journal titled 'WOPOP': Working Papers on Photography', which sought to provide critical discussion about photography. This particular conference was concerned with photographic conservation and preservation; photography as communication; photographic publishing in Australia; photographic history; photographic criticism; and funding of photography in Australia.

Speakers at the conference included well known photographic historians, theorists, teachers, librarians, curators and practitioners from Australia such as Anne Marie Willis, Gael Newton, David Sless, John Cato, Allan Davies and Shar Jones, as well as international identities such as Alan Sekula.

Physical Description

Three section folded brochure with loose printed paper insert.The front cover is black with white text, the back cover and inside pages are white with black text. The insert is white paper with black text.


This booklet provides an intellectual background to the pioneering development of a lively photographic collections community in Australia and, more specifically, the later genesis of the 'Biggest Family Album in Australia' collection which was conceived and developed by Euan McGillivray and Matthew Nickson for Museum Victoria.

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