Booklet 'Cost of housing in Australia: Melbourne', published by the Migrant Advisory Centre, 1973. It provides the reader with details about the average costs of renting and purchasing different sized houses, flats and government-owned dwellings in Australia. It is one of the many publications given to migrants at the Enterprise Hostel to assist them with the migration and settlement process.

During the peak period of hostel accommodation, migrants were only allowed to remain living in hostels for a limited period of time: 3 months for single migrants, 6 months for couples, and 12 months for families. Once this period was up they were expected to move out of the hostel. One of the aims of hostel accommodation was to provide migrants with subsidised accommodation that would aid them to save money for their own accommodation.

Physical Description

Booklet with green front cover, black printed text, and a cover image of a black and white photo of a suburban brick house.


Statement of Significance/ Technical significance:
The stories of migrants and the organizations that assisted them comprise a significant part of Australian post-war history. Since World War II, thousands of government-assisted migrants and refugees have experienced arrival and accommodation at the migrant hostels. Yet migrant hostels are an under-documented area of Australia's immigration history - with the exception of Bonegilla Migrant Reception Centre, which was managed by the Department of Immigration. This collection is significant as it contributes to filling the gap in knowledge about the Commonwealth migrant hostels, which were a function of the Department of Labour and National Service. This collection and the accompanying archival documents are a rare find. Items from the migrant hostels were often sold or disposed of by the government soon after they were closed-down. Many migrants have kept photos taken during their stay at the hostels but day-to-day items belonged to the Company and were returned to the hostel upon departure. This collection has the potential enhance collections in cultural institutions such the NSW Powerhouse Museum and Migration Heritage Centre (Villawood [Westbridge] and Cabramatta hostels).

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