Letter written from Caroline Chisholm to "Madam" of 14 King's Square, Gosnell Street, London, dated 20 October 1848. The letter provides emigration advice to potential emigrants who have written to Caroline enquiring about the opportunities for women working as teachers to emigrate Port Phillip.

Between the late 1830s and 1860s, Caroline Chisholm played a profound role in providing financial and moral assistance to single women and poor British families to migrate to and settle in NSW and later, Victoria. She drove the establishment of female shelters and institutions for domestic training, as well as advocating a closer settlement scheme in rural NSW and Victoria for poor, large families. Believing that the presence of white women also helped civilise outback relations; she coined the phrase 'God's police, for white women). Chisholm's work has become legendary in the history of Australian philanthropy, as the most important movement for the migration and settlement of British women in the early colonisation period.

Physical Description

Folded manuscript letter in black ink with visible staining. Some of the handwritten text overlaps in sections.

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