The Massey-Ferguson Perkins Engines annual cricket trophy won in 1978.

Image from a collection of photographs, moving film, artefacts, documents and trade literature relating to Massey Ferguson (Aust.) Ltd, agricultural implement manufacturer, importer and distributor, Sunshine, Victoria.

Physical Description

Wooden main board, rectangular with rounded corners. Bevelled edge on front. Gold-coloured metal panel adhered top centre, engraved "MASSEY-FERGUSON PERKINS ENGINES ANNUAL CRICKET TROPHY". Silver-coloured plastic figure screwed to left side, comprised of a square with four intersecting circles. Adhered to centre: Wooden replica cricket bats with dark brown thread handles, metal cricket stumps and bails and metal ball. Raised plastic Massey-Ferguson logo adhered to right side, comprised of three intersecting triangles with "M", "F" and the profile of a tractor. Rusted metal shield nailed to bottom left corner, with engraving "1978 / WON BY / M.F. / 19.2.78". Heads of two metal screws visible within recess on reverse.

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