This canvas banner was painted in 1916 by George Grant for the Australian Tramway Employees Association Victorian Branch. This banner can be seen in footage held by Museum Victoria of the 1939 labour day march (MM 133059).

Physical Description

Linen tabby weave double canvas with vertical central and side seams. The support canvas extends at top edge past decorative border, providing hanging mechanism attachment points. Maroon satin weave silk and cotton fibre borders with mitred corners, all machine sewn except bottom edge which is hand whip stitched (later date) using linen thread. Maroon wool bullion style fringe along recto bottom edge machine sewn through satin and canvas layers. Maroon wool and silk/cotton twist cordage down both sides, hand sewn with linen thread, terminating with decorative tassels at top corners. 25 brass eyelets along top edge as hanging system, securing encased jute rope which runs length of top edge, extending both ends and running unattached down both sides through a series of 5 brass rings hand sewn to edge, provides a banner stabilising mechanism. Side A: Two uniformed men holding Tramways Ass. circular emblem, with central panels depicting Brunswick tram and Municipal tramway in profile, two working scenes lower corners, Australian flora centre bottom and columns either side. Side B: Architectural framework with central female figure wearing winged tiara, left hand side shows St Kilda to Carlton tram, right hand side shows Bourke Road tram, silver star with entwined triple '8' lower centre. There is text on both sides.

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