Kilburn Duke was a prizewinning bulldog. In his two year life he won 26 first prizes in English dog shows.

He was purchased by Mr. M.P. Bauld of Malvern from a breeder in London in 1915. Varying reports were made of the price paid with values ranging between £350 and £450. This would have made Kilburn Duke the most expensive Bulldog in Australia. His arrival was awaited with anticipation in Australian bulldog breeding circles and his services for stud were being engaged shortly after the purchase was announced.

Sadly, Kilburn Duke died not long into the sea voyage from England. After the crew discovered him dead in his travelling box he was placed into the ship's cool room for the rest of the trip to preserve his body. The cause of death was not investigated.

In July 1915 the ship arrived in Australia and on the 15th Mr Bauld donated Kilburn Duke to the Museum for display. The skin was prepared by Rowland Ward Studios in Piccadilly, London while the skeleton was articulated by the museum's own staff.

Kilburn Duke's purchase and death were widely reported in the Kennel sections of Australian newspapers at the time.

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