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    Hand Specimen

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    Olivine-Diopside-Richterite-Phlogophite-Leucite Lamproite

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    A medium grained specimen composed of brown phologphyte fragments in a matrix of green minerals Mount North is about 15 kilometres south-east of the Gibb River Road and Fairfield-Leopold Downs Road intersection. The hill looks like an old volcano. It is structurally similar to the 81 Mile Vent Mindat locality nearby. It is a sequence of pyroclastics intruded by thin sills of fine grained olivine-leucite lamproite. There is a late central core of medium grained olivine-diopside-potassic richterite-leucite lamproite. The proportion of pyroclastics however is less than at 81 Mile Vent. The central core forms a columnar jointed mass up to 90 metres above the surrounding plain.

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    Natural Sciences

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    Rocks and Ores

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