This is an upper right incisor or tooth of a Diprotodon. Diprotodon means "two forward teeth" and is the largest marsupial known to have lived. This tooth was found in two pieces approx. 40cm apart at Spring Creek, Victoria in Jan 1984. Markings which appear to be man-made were discovered on the tooth and maybe evidence of the coexistence of mega-fauna and aboriginal people in Australia. Mega-fauna existed from approximately 1.6 million years ago until extinction some 46,000 years ago.

See White, J.P., & Flannery, T.F. 1995, Late Pleistocene fauna at Spring Creek, Victoria: A re-evaluation. Australian Archaeology, No. 40. 13-17. Vanderwal, R. and Fullager, R. (1989). Engraved Diprotodon tooth from the Spring Creek locality, Victoria. Archaeology in Oceania 24: 13-16.

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