General Description

Frill around the top edge of the column, underneath the tentacles. Specialised stinging structures (acrorhagi) around the edge of the column; specialised adhesive structures (verrucae) on the upper column. Animal may be of various colours, including white, green, yellow, and light brown. Oral disc similar colour to that of the tentacles. Tentacles have a distinctive white spot patterning, however this may be absent in some animals. Column up to 6 cm wide.


These anemones have microscopic algae (zooxanthellae) in the tentacles and upper column that turn sunlight into energy for the anemone (photosynthesis). The zooxanthellae may give the animal a grey appearance.


New Zealand. South-eastern Australian coasts.


Rocky reef at low tide level and sand areas, to depth of 5 m.

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