General Description

Body broad, flattened, with long slender bony rostrum overhanging tiny mouth, long slender flexible tail tipped with tiny caudal fin, very large fan-like pectoral fins. Colour pattern highly variable to match surroundings, usually sandy to greyish with darker markings on sides; males with a greenish margin and a small patterned patch on rear of pectoral fin. Usually 8 cm long head to tail tip (up to 11 cm).


These small bizarre-looking fishes with bodies encased in bony armour crawl over the bottom on their pectoral and pelvic fins in search of prey. They are very well-camouflaged on sandy and shelly bottoms and are difficult to see. Males have a greenish margin on the pectoral fins and a small patterned patch on the rear of the fin used for display.


Southern Australia.


Shallow sandy or muddy bottom, in or near sea grass, to a depth of 55 m.

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