General Description

Body robust, streamlined, covered in small scales; two separate dorsal fins, the first with short spines, tail large, forked; jaws large reaching beyond the eye with a single row of prominent knife-like teeth. Greenish-blue to steel-grey above, fading to silver below, with a small dark blotch at pectoral-fin base, iris yellow. Up to 1.2 m, usually 40 cm long head to tail tip.


Tailor are fast-swimming voracious predators and feed on small schooling fishes such as anchovies, herring and mullet. This wide-ranging species spawns in the open sea and is seasonally migratory, occurring in southern Australian waters during summer months. It is highly prized by recreational anglers and is excellent eating. The name "Tailor" comes from the habit of cutting fishing nets with its scissor-like teeth.


Widespread in subtropical and temperate coastal waters, seasonally present in southern Australian waters.


Primarily pelagic in the open ocean, coming inshore close to beaches and into bays in search of food, in depths of 1-15 m.

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