General Description

Medium-sized honeyeater with a fairly long bill that is curved slightly downward. Upperside grey-brown, off-white streaked with brown below, bold black mask extending from bill, across eyes and ears to the shoulder, bordered yellow on the bottom edge. Length 19 cm and wingspan to 25 cm.


Feeds on insects, spiders, fruit and nectar and forages at lower levels than other honeyeaters. They are argumentative birds and will chase other birds from food sources, including birds that are larger than themselves. Its call is full, clear, loud and can be very varied, which can confuse even experienced observers. The song given mainly at dawn is described as pleasing, merry, melodious and musical, while their daytime calls are generally short and not song-like, so the common name 'Singing' is not very apt.


Across Australia.


Shrublands, woodlands and other open wooded areas, especially those dominated by Acacia.

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